It is with profound joy that I welcome you all to the launch of the newest academic Journal and addition to the already rich academic literature milieu in our part of the world. This Journal came about as a result of the felt need to give academics and practitioners in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutritional, Dietetic Sciences and related study areas, an extra avenue to publish their research work for the benefit of the academic community, the user-food industry sector and the field of Nutrition and Dietetics practice. It will be very useful for graduate students in the same fields as we intend to keep the time from submission of the manuscript to the time of publication of the article as short as is practicable. I would like to recognize my colleagues Prof. Abdul Faraj of Egerton University, Ms Sheila Kilonzi my colleague at Karatina University, Prof. Arnold Onyango of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and other colleagues for believing in me to be able to drive the process of producing this maiden publication of our Journal. In a very special way, I appreciate the effort of colleagues who contributed the excellent articles to this inaugural publication. Additionally, Mr. Samwel Kumba and Ms Ephline Okoth of the Kenya School of Government are recognized and appreciated for the design of the Journal. I welcome you all to enjoy the excellent articles contained in this first issue of the Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences Research. I, Prof. Arnold Onyango our Scientific Editor and our team at JFNSR look forward to receiving more articles for the upcoming issues. Our team welcomes and requires your continued support and offer of valuable ideas for the improvement of future Journal issues, management of the Journal and its sustainability. We look forward to all of us maintaining the tempo and enthusiasm set with this publication for a long time to come. Enjoy!
Prof. Michael N.I. Lokuruka, Ph.D., EBS, MKIFST, AMKNDI
Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief;
In much of Africa and other developing economies, the problems of food insecurity and malnutrition continue to inflict millions of the resource-disadvantaged communities. In addition, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases are rapidly increasing in prevalence among both affluent and resource-deprived individuals. The Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences Research (J. Food Nut. Sci. Res.), published by the Kenya Institute of Food Science and Technology, seeks to publish innovative papers that will contribute knowledge towards improving food security, nutrition, and food-related strategies for reducing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases. The inaugural articles partly portray the mix of topics that are envisaged. For example, Prof. Michael Lokuruka has contributed a succinct review on the anticarcinogenic potential of conjugated linoleic acid. The paper by Aduol and co-workers reports on the production of short chain fatty acids during cowpea fermentation by lactic acid bacteria. Such short chain fatty acids have been documented to reduce the risk of various non- communicable diseases. Kilonzi and co-workers report on the reduction of antinutrients such as tannins and phytates during processing of lablab beans, while Oloo and co-workers have determined the fatty acid and amino acid profiles of different free-range chicken ecotypes in Kenya, showing the differences that may arise from feeding practices. Henceforth, we look forward to receiving articles in all areas of Food Science and Technology, Postharvest Technology and Nutrition, including both basic and applied research. As we hope to have rapid but rigorous peer review of articles, we request professionals in the various disciplines to generously support the Journal by participating as peer reviewers, and conducting the reviews in a timely fashion.
Arnold N. Onyango, Ph.D
Scientific Editor